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The Journey of Fire and Metal

The die-casting stage, which is one of the most important stages of our production, is the stage where we melt the aluminum raw material we supply in special crucibles at a temperature of 750 celcius and shape it by casting it into special molds with die casting machines. 


Arrival of the Final Product

Cast aluminum parts, which come in shaped form, are processed on high-precision, cutting-edge CNC machines and custom-made transfer machines. The machined parts are precisely assembled on the assembly line, with many automatic steps.


  • Mimsunar Otogaz Ltd. Sti. It started to operate as a wholesaler in the LPG sector in 2000, and after a short time, it expanded its business volume by becoming the authorized distributor of many domestic and foreign well-known brands.  

  • Our management system has been developed to provide services that best meet specified and customer requirements, such as fitness for purpose, performance, usability, reliability and security.


  • We aim to act in line with the legal requirements with our Quality Policy, which we have created in line with our vision, mission, principles and values, and to contribute to the sustainable national and world economy with all our stakeholders.


  • In line with this purpose, our commitment in our journey of excellence;


  • Adopting the Total Quality Philosophy to All Personnel and Continuing Educational Activities Uninterruptedly.

  • Acknowledging that the Main Source of Our Strength is Our Employees, Ensuring the Awareness of a "Common Goal" in All Employees and Increasing Their Efficiency in the Organization.


  • To increase the domestic and international market share by offering products to the customers on time with high quality and reasonable prices.


  • Proving Our Principle of "Respect for the Environment" with Our Activities We Carry Out With Environmental Consciousness.


  • The Satisfaction Level of Our Customers is the Most Determining Indicator of Our Success. To use all our resources in the most effective and efficient way in this direction to meet customer expectations.


  • Maintaining Our Dynamic and Impartial Structure and Continuously Improving Our Quality Management System  


  • To be transparent to our stakeholders in our practices and  To increase the awareness and awareness of our employees and to implement and continuously improve the requirements of ISO 9001 standards with the participation of all our employees.

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